10 August 2016

Will there be another Star Trek series spin-off ?

I think that Star Trek is simply awesome. It has got the message, it has got well developed characters with background stories, and it is based on a plausible scientific conceptions. And yet that is not enough for the Hollywood guys to develop a new spin off series. I think they are afraid of
Image result for star trek original series
The Original crew
not being able to deliver anything new to the franchise; moreover we very well know that ST is all about tackling an important questions. True, all the messages and ideas were already penned down in Star Trek universe; they did talk about homosexuality, racism, politics, the Cold war... About family values, about greed, and even about the everyday life in the future... there was even the series about the beginning of the space exploration… is there anything more the great minds of LA could add into the picture?

Star Trek is a cult. And I do not think it is far fetched if I say it is a way of life for some. Hence to fulfill the potential of this great franchise (ST is a whole and vast fictional universe, with its six spin-offs, and thirteen movies...) it is indeed a challenging concept.
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The TOS crew after decades

You might say: But hey, there are all the new Star Trek movies coming out every three years, so it is indeed continuing. Well, here is my simple answer: first, JJ Abrams' Star Trek (2009 and 2013 movies) is set in a mirror universe (basically he took the very same people and stories from The Original Series and made them tackle the problems differently. ) and secondly, the last three movies are only sort of a glue for the audience, blockbusters to attract the paying viewers. Besides, I would love to witness a creation of a new series which will push the franchise forward.

But now I am being a bit too harsh. Don't get me wrong, I am eternally grateful for ANY new Star Trek, even the movies. And frankly, these new movies are not THAT bad!

And Beyond we go...

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Image result for star trek beyondI really enjoyed the movie. Could have been the fact that I was waiting for it for over two years, or the fact that I finally went to the cinema instead of watching it in low resolution, on my tiny laptop screen which is the size of a postage stamp and has got the quality of 60 pixels (I mean it, I really do!!) …
Anyway, yes I was impressed by the great 3D effects (pun intended.. I often find the 3D cinema meaningless) but hey, the movie was good. Not great, but it lived up to my expectations-which were awfully low...

17 July 2016

Story of Adam and Eve


If Eve is supposedly created from the rib of Adam, isn't he the one who should take care of her when she needs it? How come men were never able to watch women dying in the battles… (that is in fact the sole reason why women are not allowed to combat-not that they would be weak, far from that! But because the men are not able to look at a bleeding women.)

I remember all those times of being sick as hell (menstruation cramps, diarrhoea, you name it… or, well maybe that's just it), and the only thing the men around me have done was to shout at me, slap me or cry out for the ambulance. And yet sometimes just holding my hand would suffice.

28 June 2016

Buying electronics in Kuala Lumpur- is it safe?

            The biggest challenge of this year was to buy my new camera. While I spend three months in Malaysia, and most of that time in Kuala Lumpur, it was only logical to purchase a DSLR there.

I was going for Canon, but basically my story applies to most of the other brands too.
If you happen to live in Asia the best place to buy any new electronic device would certainly be Kuala Lumpur.

19 May 2016

Why only? or Fuck it all !

Why is my blog called Two Giraffes, and not some other meaningless name? Why we cry if we have full bellies and no one died, why is it raining if I want to go trekking, why are friends not sold on ebay, why are magic mushrooms magic, and why men's feet smell more than women's?

12 May 2016

A normal (not!!) day

'Fuck, don't you take a picture of me!' :)

I really felt like writing. Then I thought I have no idea what to write about.. then I thought that there is nothing interesting to write about...  and then I realized that that is just plain bullshit! Of course I have a lot of things to write about. So I am just going to tell you about my day.

Good bad book- Redshirts

Redshirts by John Scalzi

In case you like Star Trek, you are going to laugh so much reading this book. If you like Star Wars, you are going to laugh also, because the story is mocking Star Trek. If you don't like sci fi at all you will laugh anyway, only will have to use a lot of your imagination!